What is the OMTeam?

The OMTeam are those of us who want to Organize Mindfully and who listen to the podcasts.  We all have one common goal...to be more organized.

The show has been running for a year and we've had a number of great guests and. I now have another show, MindfulVegan.com which has taken off and is on it's way to being my full-time job.  Doing the Organize Mindfully podcast takes too much time, and doesn't give me enough income to offset the time so I am stopping the show.

However, it still costs money to leave the show up so people can enjoy it.  If you like the show, and want to hear the episodes....there are over 100, I would greatly appreciate it if you could give a few dollars to help keep the site and shows up. 

If not, that is okay...you can always find me at MindfulVegan.com 

Join the OMTeam here